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Please complete the online application form and submit together with the photo images requested below. All applicants will be invited to attend a casting call to be held June/July 2018 in Birmingham.

  • Submit two photo images of yourself (1 x headshot and 1 x full length shot) on a clear background. 
  • Female models must be a minimum height of 5ft 8” and a maximum height of 5ft 11”, male models 5ft 11” – 6ft 2” with a good, confident walk.
  • Models must be age 16 - 26. Parental permission will be required if you are under the age of 18.

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Please list all measurements in the right order: Height, Shoe Size, Waist, Bust(female), Collar(male), Chest(male), Hips(female), Dress(female), Inside Leg(Male)
Please ensure all files include your name before uploading to ensure your they are grouped correctly. Ex: jane-smith-1.JPG
A maximum of 3 images per model, alternatively you may upload a lookbook or your work in PDF form. Files should not exceed 3MB

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